Feel the Vibe

I am very sensitive for people’s energy. You can feel energy  everywhere in people’s home, buildings and people themselves.  I would like to share my point of view about the energy people are carrying out.

We all have energy which we carry out but not which we are aware of. If I say energy I mean Life Energy. A phenomenon which can not be seen but which we can feel. People’s life energy can tell a lot about a person. A person who is very happy has a positive energy because they shine. You can feel their warmth and their sincere laughter. It has an effect on everybody in their surrounding.  You feel comfortable arround them and the attention they give you. For example, after a getting together with people you really like such as friends, partner of colleagues you feel lots of energy afterward. This is the energy which I refer to.
It also has an effect the otherway around like negative energy. People how are unhappy of do not feel comfortable in their own skin, give negative energy. You do not feel their warmth. The stories they tell are based upon knowledge of experience they have. You can not feel their energy because the way they communicate is on mental thoughts. It is a safe way to get around and expression yourself.
If they express their true feeling than ussualy it is based on a judgement. A judgement which comes from a painfull experience. As long this experience has not been faced, this experience will circle around your system. Although you want to keep it hidden very deep somehow you will express your deepest and darkest emotion. You will feel heavy, demand energy and attention from other people and you do not have an sincere open smill on your face.
Please be aware that everything happened to you will somehow express itself and best is to face your darkest and hidden fear or pain. Because if you keep it hidden, it will put out your light, your life energy.

Also be aware that if you only give your energy but never receive any back that after a while your energy will die slowly.
Although you are a very carrying person, you also need energy to do the things you want to do. Please remember it is not selfish to demand your own time of to say you need space for yourself. In friendship and in relationships you need to give and also need to take.
Balance is a very important element in life. Life is one great mystery but I will be back on that.  For now take care of yourself and face any obstacle in life because we need people on this world who can shine a little light in dark times.

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