Let’s take a journey

I like to figure out people. Sounds weird but what I mean is, I am very interested  how people  really are. This always had my interest.  How come ? I will let you know later but for now, it also has to do with the way I am. I am curious, always want to seek out everything en get hidden situation on the surface.  And every time I am impressed how special and unique we are. We are people with a body but also with a soul. And the soul is what I am looking for when I meet people. The true nature of a person. The need for investigating comes to me when I feel I am talking to an Ego instead of people themselves.

Ego is a part of who we are and we need Ego to survive in a demanding world. But if you only dealing with the world you forget yourself, the true you. Je will become your Ego and think that’s is who you are. Ego can  overpower us and the effect is that we loose contact with ourselves. Your true nature is not visible but from the insight there is a lot going on. Feelings and emotions we can not place. And because we do not understand them, or confront them, we hide it far away.

Life is more than what is expected from you to do. I see life as a journey of oneself. It is not natural to take this journey because it was not taught us but if we want to have a happy life, this journey is crucial.  We all are looking for happiness and think that our environment, our Ego know what that is. But Happiness is having trust, believe and love for yourself. Easy said than done because it’s an unknown area for many of us. But see yourself as a big country with hidden treasures who must be found.  It is a waste not to use your talents or skills. It has been given to you, so do something with it, even if it is only for yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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