How important is focus ?

I can not believe that we are halfway the year. It is summer, time to relax you would say. I noticed that the past few months I have been busy with normal things of live, like work, friends, sports, name it. And suddenly I did not know what I wanted to achieve in live. I have a job but is this the job that I really want ? It is going easy because it does not cost my much energy. And for a mean time I enjoyed it not thinking about anything. Suddenly I felt restless. I could not place this feeling. In the past few years I have learned to listen to my feelings and what I do is that I will withdrawn myself from contacts because I need to focus on myself.

Finally I found out what was bordering me, I did not do the things that makes me happy. I did not pay any attention to my passion, which are people. But if I look around I see lots op people who do not have contact with themselves. They have this restless feeling but can not put their finger on it what it is. So they ignore this and search for things to make them feel happy. If you do not pay any attention to your inner feeling your body will protest eventually. You will feel stressed or have pain in the arm of legs. Or you will experience certain emotions like insecurity, bad-tempered or even arrogant. My aim is to make people aware of what they are feeling. It starts with listening to yourself, listening to your body. That is the first step towards change. The person inside you are telling you something, so do not ignore signs and accept that their are emotions and feelings. Because that is being human.


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