Let the sunshine in..

This summer I went for a study in Madrid. In an institute I got spanish lesson. The experience was amazing. I met wonderful people from all around the world. With a few of my classmates I went out and we discovered Madrid together and spent most of our time drinking and eating. This means real authentic Spanish dishes like paella, tapas and sangria. Also the local people were great as well. They were warmly and helpful. I really felt welcome in Madrid.

To feel welcome it is important that people receive you with open arms, that they are genuinely interested in you and want to help you. It starts with open up oneself to another.  An aspect not many people have. We are raised to be civilized. Due to our busy work life and private life we do not have the time to be conscious about ourselves. We go on and on with the things we need to do but If we want to be welcomed, we need to be more conscious about our own behavior. Because giving people a warm welcome starts with you.

I notice almost every day that I do not have a real connection with people.  And how do I know this ? Because I feel it in my whole body. People who gives geniune attention and are really interested gives you a warm feeling.  A feeling that you are welcome in their lives. And that is the greatest gift we can give to people. It starts with showing you are interested, and not what it expected from you to do but what you really want to do. People can feel this and to make the world a better place for all of us to feel welcome, we have to start with ourselves. It is like Spanish heat. If you feel warm from the inside, it will show on the outside.

Do you speak or just listening ?

You have speakers and listeners. Each of these characteristics have their pitfall.

Speakers love to talk about themselves or anything what is keeping them busy. Listeners are those who love to help others and giving their attention. I myself am a listener. I love to help others, love to organise so that everyone can feel happy and they have nothing to worry about. I do this because its come natural to me and gives me energy. But you can loose yourself if you are only paying attention to others. This could be a distraction from oneselves, so you do not need to think about you. If you are only paying attention to others than some day your energy will be lost. You can have a burnout or have  no fun anymore in anything.

Speakers are good storytellers, are energetic and are very present.
Their pitfall is that they are only busy with telling and listening to react, not just listening. The need for this is to be recognize and be seen by others. If they are not getting this attention they can feel depressed.

In this world we need each other to grow. By knowing yourself and be aware of what you do, you can grow. This is the first step in your personal grow. So are you a listener, so that you can put yourself aside ? Or are you a speaker who needs other peoples energy to survive ? If you recognize these pitfalls maybe I can help you. Just let me know.

Life coach