Everything we do and love tells us who we are. Nowadays it is called Lifestyle. The meaning of lifestyle is the way we live. It helps companies and organisations to define people in certain groups where they can satisfied their needs. Actually they give people labels. I see lifestyle as uniqueness of each individual. The things you do or don’t do without influence from outside. The more time you give to yourself, the more you learn about you. For some of us this is not an easy task as we have obligations which requires our utmost attention. But if we keep denying our own time and spare than this will be a lifestyle which will cost you more than you wanted. It will reduce your energy slowly. The first signs are physical complaints such as weariness, edgy or no energy, as mentioned before. If these complains will be ignored than after a while burn-out will happen to you.

I am in favour to take good care of yourself which means claim your own time. If this is the way of life than your surrounding, but especially you, will have more joy in life. You can only help others if your life and health is in balance. To be in balance do the things you love to do. It could be anything. The main goal is to have a happy life because that is what we all are looking for. If you are happy, you will shine and have an open attitude to everyone and their is enough energy to give but also to receive. As this is much as important as giving. It is all about balance which is the key for happiness.