What Clothes says

The way you dress tells how you really feel.

With clothing you are showing who you are. Clothes tells a story about you which nobody is really aware of. I love to observe people and analyze people to check if my first impression about a  person is correct. I look at their personal style, the way they wear their clothes and also the colors they wear. These three elements tells a lot about a person. The way we see ourselves effects the way we dress but is this who we really are ?  On that point I usually notice a big contrast. You can have a certain style but if this is not how you really are people can get confused. Your personality does not match with your clothing . People often feel that their is something wrong but can not point out this feeling. We can hide ourselves by the way we dress like big sweaters or just wearing black.
Colors can work as a distraction, the attention is drawn to your clothes but not to you as a person. You unconsciously dress the way you really feel inside. You can hide your true feeling mentally but somehow you do express in clothes how you really feel.

As a coach I make people aware of the way they dress. My aim is to help them to fina a style which suites their real personality. I love fashion but having a personal style is a much stronger expression. If you have a style which carry out who you really are than you will truly be noticed and remembered. And that is the key for success in work but also in your personal life.

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