What is your color ?

Do you know that colors have an effect on your presence ?

In the spring we see lots of colors in the shops. Spring has a positive affect on us which is seen in the colors we wear. Spring is also the time when we spent more time outside the house. Therefore we want to express ourselves by wearing bright and happy colors. We buy and wear the clothes and colors we like. However it is not natural that we also look if these colors match with our hair and skin tone. Our attention is drawn to the color itself and because we love a specific color, we wear it. Many people choose to wear a specific color like black because it slims down and black is a color which always look good. And also if you want to make a statement, like a gothic look. But colors can not always work for you very well. If a color does not do anyting for your appaerance than you will fade away. The attention is drawn to your clothes but not on you ! The attention must be on you, If you want to be visible it is important to wear the colors which suites you best. You can analyse which colors suites you best by seasonal color analysis. You have a summer, autumn, winter and spring colors. Each season have their own specific colors.

I want you to be aware that it is important to be noticed and you do not need to hide yourself. This is good for your career but also for your private life. Wearing the “wrong” color can be a distraction as I wrote before because it will make you invisible.  We memorise the people who make an impression on us, this is a proces which take place unconsciously. A first impression is not only the way you speak but also your appearance. In general your whole presentation. If your appearance does not match with your personality, people can take you for mistaken or will be surprised.

If you want to know more about what colors can do for you, do not hesitate to contact me. And remember make yourself notice. Clothes and colors are an extension of you, let people see the true you.


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