I want to inspire and motivate people about personal development. By writing about this I hope to provide you with tools. But we can also have a session in person. I am certificied coach and can help you with the question you have concerning your development.  I can help you with questions about life or work.

If you do not have a specific question, I can help you to find this. Something you can not focus by yourself because you have so many questions. Together we will sort out what is important for you to focus on.

First we will have a meeting so we can feel if we have a connection. It is important to feel comfortable with the coach you are working with. If we both agree to work with each other than we will talk about the amount of meetings for your process.

The first meeting will take 30 minutes and is non-binding. The fee for a session € 85,- per hour excluding tax for private persons. For companies the fee per hour is € 115,- excluding tax.